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Key Headlines

  • 99.9% of all schools in the state have a toilet facility.
  • 90% of Govt. Sponsored and 13% of SED schools in the state have a boundary wall in compliance with RTE norms.
  • Madarsah Shiksha Kendra and Senior Secondary schools have a GPI of 1.4 (highest in the state).

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Indicator: Enrolment

Key Highlights

  • Maldah and Murshidabad districts have the highest average enrolment per school.
  • 100% of blocks in Bankura district have a GPI below 1 (highest percentage in state).
  • Murshidabad district has > 50 students enroled in each class on average (highest in state).

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How to use this dashboard

  1. Select the Average PTR dimension and 'block' geography. Find a block that has a low PTR.
  2. Select the Average Teachers per Grade (TGR) dimension and 'block' geography. Check if the previously selected block has a TGR greater than 1.
  3. If so, this means that the block might have surplus teachers. Check if the neighbouring blocks have high PTR, then some teachers can be transferred to those blocks. This should ensure an even spread of PTR across all the blocks.

  1. Select the Gender Parity Index dimension and block geography. There are certain blocks that have a low GPI in comparison to their neighbouring blocks. The reasons behind this should be investigated.
  2. Look at the trends of GPI across school managements and levels. It can be seen that the GPI grows immensely from upper primary (1.04) to secondary (1.43). This means that there is likely a large dropout of boys at this stage. This should be checked.
  3. Similarly, the GPI again takes a fall from secondary (1.43) to senior secondary (1.02). This means that in transition at this stage, there is a huge dropout of girls as well. This too should be checked and remedial intervention be made.

  1. There are many schools which have zero enrollment as per records. It should be checked whether the data is missing for these schools or if they actually do not have any students.
  2. Almost every block has multiple schools that are running as single-teacher schools. Efforts towards teacher rationalisation should be made with these schools as priority.
  3. Nearly half the blocks in the state have 1-2 schools with no teachers. A lot of these schools have double digit student enrollment as well. It should be checked whether this is an error in data recording or if these schools actually do not have any teachers. If so, these should be treated as highest priority.